Professor Christopher C.E. Hopkins has had an eminent carrier spanning more than 30 years as scientist, consultant, educator, supervisor and administrator at the national and international levels in marine science and policy. He is an expert in biological oceanography, environmental and living marine resources issues, and marine policy and ecosystem-based monitoring, assessment and management.

He received his B.Sc. (Special Hons, 1970) from London University and his Ph.D. (1976) from Stirling University.

1970 – 1975.

Oceanographic Laboratory of the Natural Environmental Research Council’s (NERC) Institute for Marine Environmental Research, Edinburgh (UK). Scientific Officer researching pelagic primary and secondary productivity of the North Sea and North-East Atlantic.

1976 – 1995.

Norwegian College of Fishery Science/University of Tromsø, Norway:

a) Full Professor (Academic Head of Department, 1987-1995: appointed in Cabinet by King Olav V and Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland) in Quantitative Marine Ecology in the Department of Aquatic Biology, Norwegian College of Fishery Science.
b) Special-merit Personal Professorship (1986-1987) earmarked in the national budget by the Storting (parliament).
c) Lecturer (1976-1980) and Senior Lecturer (1980-1986) in Aquatic Biology.

1991 – 1999.

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) - the world’s oldest intergovernmental marine scientific and advisory organization:

a) Chair of the Consultative Committee (‘Chief Scientist’, 1991-1993), with overall responsibility for the scientific coordination of 14 Standing Scientific and Advisory Committees and about 90 Working/Study Groups. In the same period, ex officio attended the meetings of the: Advisory Committee on Fishery Management (ACFM), Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment (ACME), Bureau, Delegates, and Publications Committee.
b) Secretary General (1991-1999, Chief Executive Officer/Diplomatic Head of Mission) responsible for daily management of ICES. Head of ICES Secretariat of Professional and General Service category staff, responsible for providing administrative, secretarial and publication services for Council. Communications link for ca. 1 000 Delegates, scientists and advisers involved in ICES activities located in 19 Member Countries as well Scientific Observer Countries, and relevant international organizations.

Other responsibilities in the ICES system have included Chair of Shellfish Committee (1988-1991); Member of Advisory Committee on Marine Pollution/Marine Environment (1988-1991); Member of Expert Working Groups (e.g. Working Group on the Ecosystem Effects of Fishing Activities, 1988-1991; Study Group on Ecosystem Assessment and Monitoring, 2000-2002); Study Group on Baltic Sea Ecosystem Health (2003-ongoing); Member of Publications Committee (1988-1999); Member of Finance Committee (1993-1999).

Additional distinctions/tasks

- Member of FAO’s (UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization) ‘High-Level Panel of External Experts in Fisheries’ (1995-1996).
- Chair of Evaluation Panel for Phase III of South African Benguela Ecology Programme (1996).
- Member of Joint NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Coordination) and GTZ (German Agency for Technical Cooperation) Evaluation Panel for BENEFIT (Benguela Environment Fisheries Interaction and Training) Programme (2001).
- Former Delegate to Council of Norwegian Fisheries Research Council (NFFR) 1988-1991, including Vice-Chair in 1992.
- Member of Steering Committee of Norwegian Research Programme on Marine Arctic Ecology (PRO MARE, 1987-1990), and Chair of Research Programme on North Norwegian Coastal Ecology (MARE NOR, 1990-1993).
- Member of Advisory Board for Marine and Fresh Waters, Danish Environmental Research Programme (SMP, 1992-1996).
- Peer-reviewer of funding applications (e.g. US National Science Foundation, UK Natural Environment Research Council, Environment Canada, Research Council of Norway, and European Commission’s Directorates General).
- Honorary Professor (1994 - 2002) at Department of Biological and Molecular Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling, UK.
- Guest Professor (C4, 1988) at Institute of Polar Ecology, Christian-Albrecht’s University of Kiel, Germany.
- M.Sc. & Ph.D. External Examiner, and member of Selection Panels for Professorial Chairs and for Senior Civil Servants at universities and government institutions in Europe, USA and Canada.
- Referee for scientific journals (e.g. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Marine Biology, Polar Biology, Polar Research, Sarsia, Fisheries Research, ICES Journal of Marine Science).
- Advisory Editor (current and former) for Fisheries Research, Polar Biology, Dana, and Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK, and Editor of scientific books and symposia proceedings.

He has produced more than 100 publications and reports that include the impacts on marine ecosystems and biodiversity from human and naturally induced environmental changes, and the implementation of the ecosystem approach to management.

In 2000, he established AquaMarine Advisers®.